Born In Philadelphia, in 1970, Jenny began painting at the age of 9. After mastering paintings of oranges and boots, she moved onto the human figure. In 1988, she moved to New York City to attend Barnard College where she studied art and art history. In New York, she learned the art world ways through her work at White Columns, as Development Associate, and later as Assistant Director. In 1996, she entered New York University to receive her Master's Degree in Fine Art. She has exhibited in New York, Chicago, Washington, DC, McClean, Richmond, Miami, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Berlin.

Laden currently lives and works in Philadelphia.  She is partial to good light and hot sauce. 


Selected Solo Exhibitions


Jenny Laden, PERFORMING, Cosmopolitan Club, Philadelphia, PA


Jenny Laden, Heskin Contemporary, New York


Jenny Laden, ADA Gallery, Richmond, VA


Inhabit, Jeff Bailey Gallery, New York


Swoon, Jenny Laden, Cornell DeWitt Gallery, New York


Blink - Jenny Laden, Cornell DeWitt Gallery, New York



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